Essential Guides for Your Industry

1 . 31 . 2024  |  Blog

Material handling and in-plant equipment is utilized across all types of industries and is available to suit all types of applications and address a variety of needs. At Rite-Hite, we make it our business to help you identify specific challenges, evaluate the options, and provide the products and services that are required to run your operation efficiently. Download any of our essential guides to help you learn best practices for your industry.

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Scraper Systems™ Clear Snow off Boscov's Department Stores' Fleet in Pennsylv...

1 . 24 . 2024  |  Blog

Boscov’s Department Stores, facing challenges in delivering products during snowy Northeastern winters, grapples with legal and operational issues due to snow accumulation on its trailers. Strict laws in Pennsylvania and other Snow Belt states require snow removal within 24 hours, with violations leading to fines, license revocation, and other penalties. To address these challenges, Boscov’s implemented the Scraper Systems™ fleet plows...

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Is Your Loading Dock OSHA Compliant?

1 . 3 . 2024  |  Blog

OSHA plays an undeniable role in workplace safety, so understanding these requirements and compliant loading dock solutions will lead to increased safety and productivity. Rite-Hite's comprehensive offering of solutions, spanning a wide variety of budget and application, simplify the important task of staying compliant and on top of safety regulations and safety trends for safety managers, architects and more. Prioritize reviewing OSHA check-lists on a ...

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Top 6 Loading Dock Trends of 2024

1 . 1 . 2024  |  Blog

What are loading dock personnel and safety managers doing to help decrease risks without hurting productivity? Let’s look at 6 of the top dock safety innovations as we head into 2024.

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