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RHVJ-5000 Jumbo™ Vertical Storing

Ideal for full-width trailer access
Complete environmental control with drive-thru design
Smooth Transition Dok System®


Rite-Hite’s unique Jumbo Vertical Storing leveler paired with Drive-Thru loading dock design allows trailer doors to open inside facility with full-width access to the trailer, helping maintain control (cold chain integrity), safety, and security. Ideal for, not limited to, food, beverage, and cold storage facilities.

  • 102” wide leveler deck, with one-piece tapered platform, provides unparalleled, full-width, load access to all load configurations.
  • Overhead doors close all the way to the pit floor, completely sealing door opening when dock is not in use.
  • Debris and Pest Prevention: Drive-thru applications with the aid of weathersealshelters, and under-leveler seals help block dust, debris, and pests from entering, ensuring clean and sterile environments. 
  • Boots off the Ground means personnel spend less time going in and out of the facility, onto the drive approach. In a drive-thru application, employees stay safely inside the building and focus their time on the loading and unloading process.
  • Positioned leveler, paired with an under-leveler seal and drive-thru filler pads, helps provide complete 4-sided contamination protection, blocking white light around the loading dock. Leveler acts as a visible barrier to dock area when stored and provides protection for the Overhead Door.

Unique structural engineering stands firm under extreme warehouse demands to lower repair and maintenance costs, while increasing product lifespan.

  • Ownership costs over the lifetime of a Hydraulic dock leveler are significantly lower; compared with a mechanical leveler's maintenance costs, which are on average 6 times higher than that of a hydraulic leveler.
  • Four-sided rectangular box construction includes interlocking and welded stringers to create a stronger bond, increase overall strength and help limit lifetime maintenance downtime issues.
  • Dual Tilt-back Mechanisms positions the leveler over center, protecting the hydraulic cylinder from over extension and reduces stress on the rear hinge to help prolong equipment life.
  • Hydraulic Counterbalance Valve allows leveler to float with trailer movement – helping provide safety and stability when lowering the leveler.

Help prevent employees acute and chronic injuries, equipment repair or replacement, and product damage – all caused by dock shock.

  • Radius rear hinge helps reduce dock shock by keeping the space between leveler deck and rear weldment within 1/2” gap.
  • Two-point crown control dually reinforces the front hinge to help reduce the lip crown “speed bump”.
  • Extended lip chamfer helps reduce the impact felt when transitioning from the leveler lip to the trailer bed.
  • I-Beam stringers, plus two additional outside supports, increases deck strength, helping prevent leveler lip pop-up and the jarring impacts caused by a hazardous gap; especially when exiting.
  • Reduce “Dock Shock” by 16% when use a Smooth Transition Dok System; by 50% when paired with modern forklift design.

Vertical storing position helps to increase the efficiency and safety during routine maintenance.

  • Safe-T-Pit™ disables leveler operation when movement is detected in the pit. The Interlocked Controls will not allow leveler operation to resume until the pit is cleared and the operator is safely at the control panel.
  • Maintenance pin and vertical upright storing helps create a safer routine service environment with easy access for pit cleaning and optional full wash-down capability with remote power.
  • Rear hinge design has easy access greaseable stainless steel hinge pins.
  • Constant-contact controls allow the operator to extend lip or stop platform and lip at any time during leveler travel – keeping the operator safely at the control panel at all times.
  • Access brace comes standard on all continuous pit applications for added pedestrian safety.
  • Non-Adjustable Velocity Fuse helps stop rapid leveler descent with a heavy load on the platform; providing ultimate free-fall protection.

Rite-Hite warranties are backed by an exclusive network of representatives and industry leading planned maintenance programs, helping to ensure that products perform to their full potential.

  • Up to 20-Year Money Back Warranty Based on the Dock Leveler Investment Guide.
  • 5-Year Parts and 1-Year Labor.
  • 12-Month Limited Money-Back Guarantee of Customer Satisfaction.

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