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High Volume, Low Speed HVLS Fans

The high volume, low speed (HVLS) industrial ceiling fan is designed to circulate the air in your facility more efficiently and effectively.

HVLS fans efficiently cool expansive areas such as warehouses and distribution centers by moving large air volumes at low speeds, optimizing airflow in open spaces.

What is an HVLS fan? HVLS fans are large industrial fans that typically measure 6 feet and up. These fans are meant to circulate a large amount of air by using air streams. Air is pulled from above the fan and pushed down in a conical shape to the floor below.

These highly efficient, cost-saving commercial ceiling fans are being used in warehouses, distribution centers, gymnasiums and a variety of other applications. Rotating at an optimized low speed, Rite-Hite’s HVLS industrial fans move the most air over the largest area at the lowest cost.

HVLS fans have benefits year-round by creating a more comfortable environment while saving on energy costs. They keep people cool in the summer, and in the winter, they can be used for destratification - a process that mixes warm air from the ceiling with cooler air at the floor.

With the Fan-Commander Wireless Touch Screen Control Station, users can optimize the year-round performance of Rite-Hite HVLS fans throughout a single industrial or commercial facility, maximizing the energy savings and comfort they deliver.

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  • Adjustable speed control
  • Blade diameter up to 24’
  • Propell-Aire aluminum blades

Revolution 25 Series

  • Cools up to 17,500 sq ft
  • Direct drive technology
  • Lightweight

Revolution 75 & 150 Series

  • 8’-24’ diameter (2440 mm-7320 mm)
  • Cools up to 31,000 sq ft
  • Direct drive technology


  • Control up to 24 fans
  • Touch screen
  • Wireless

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