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Automated Safety Curtain

These machine guarding industrial safety curtains are designed for applications in robotic welding/fixed automation, production lines, machine centers, robotic machine tending applications, cutting systems, environmental separation, clean room applications, CNC routers and anywhere human/machine interface exists. All products can be integrated into existing controls to completely automate the manufacturing process.

Rite-Hite’s Automated Safety Curtains including the Slide-Air protect personnel from secondary hazards associated with your manufacturing processes. Coupled with optional PLe per EN/ISO 13849-1 specifications (Cat. 4) safety devices, the Slide-Air provides ideal protection against secondary hazards by containing process driven hazards. Durability, low maintenance, years of proven service and thousands of units in operation make our entire line of automated safety curtains a popular choice in the automotive, machining and other heavy manufacturing industries.

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  • Automated to the process
  • Contain application driven hazards
  • Improve safety & productivity

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