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Loading Dock Leveler Upgrades

Crossed over hundreds of times a day by material handling equipment and products, dock levelers are designed with a facility's demanding needs in mind. As a dock leveler is used over time, common wear and tear may occur, requiring replacements or upgrades to help maintain safe and efficient equipment operation.

Rite-Hite offers a comprehensive suite of loading dock leveler upgrades, backed by an exclusive network of representatives, industry-leading planned maintenance programs and warranties. Each product is expertly engineered to meet and exceed industry standards. In addition to keeping Rite-Hite levelers at optimal performance, most upgrades are available to enhance competitor products, helping to: 

  • Protect dock personnel and damage to equipment from unsafe events such as: manual positioning practices, rapid free fall and leveler pop-up
  • Improve ergonomic operation of the equipment for operator safety, especially important for the aging workforce
  • Improve overall safe and efficient operation of the equipment over time
  • Reduce manual processes, equipment downtime and maintenance needs
  • Increase trailer throughput and faster transfer of goods
  • Prolong product life and lower lifetime ownership costs
  • Provide significant cost savings without the need for complete replacement

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Universal Hold-Down Conversion

  • 9-tooth pawl for strong engagement
  • Exclusive tension relief system
  • Industrial strength ratchet bar

Universal Hydrachek® Conversion

  • Yieldable lip
  • Constant, reliable dock lip extension
  • Helps eliminate dangerous manual lip positioning practices

Universal Hydraulic Conversion

  • Free fall protection
  • Improved ergonomics for aging workforce
  • Reduced equipment downtime and maintenance needs

Leveler Weather Seals

  • Help reduce energy loss and costs
  • Effective seal for uneven surfaces
  • Help pass food audits and keep pests and environmental elements out


  • Cost-effective alternative to poured leveler pit
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Superior structural design

improving industrial safety, security and productivity worldwide THROUGH QUALITY AND INNOVATION

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