Loading Dock Leveler Upgrades

Loading Dock Levelers are the gateway to plant productivity and profits. Most of your deliveries and shipments cross over them. When evaluating your loading dock, there are several upgrade options to consider to help optimize loading safety and productivity.

Dok Box

  • Dock leveler pit forming kit
  • For new construction and retro-fit
  • Quickly slides and hooks together


  • Adjusts to air ride trailers
  • Fits most levelers
  • Strong holding rugged bar


  • Holds lip in extended position
  • Automatically stores lip
  • Unique shock absorber system

Hydraulic Conversion

  • Push button control
  • Safer & more productive
  • Reduce downtime


  • Complete end load access
  • Helps prevent drop-off accidents
  • Withstands 10,000 lb. at 4 mph impact


  • Unique through-the-lip extension
  • Built to earthquake design standard
  • Helps comply with OSHA regulations


  • Reduce energy costs
  • Close the gaps
  • Keep rain, dirt & pests out

improving industrial safety, security and productivity worldwide THROUGH QUALITY AND INNOVATION

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