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High Speed Doors are essential for industrial environments, serving as a barrier with functions. They aim to enhance safety, conserve energy, and maintain process separation in settings. Our High Speed Doors are designed for opening and closing, facilitating operations without compromising safety or efficiency. This feature is pivotal in industrial areas, ensuring the protection of workers and the conservation of energy while also contributing to maintaining a workflow in processes.

High Speed Doors Solve Challenging Issues in Industrial Environments


Discover the unparalleled advantages of Rite-Hite's high speed roll-up doors and experience ultimate environmental control and separation. FasTrax and FasTrax XL doors offer TRUE Auto Re-feed™ and Soft Breakaway technologies for high efficiency and safety, while LiteSpeed doors are tailored for safe and efficient operation in various industrial settings. SplitSecond’s bi-parting door design helps to enhance operational efficiency in high-traffic areas.

Energy Loss & Inconsistent Environment

Slow operation causes longer open times, leading to significant energy wastage and inconsistent environmental control. High speed doors dramatically minimize energy wastage by maintaining stable internal temperatures. This helps in significantly reducing the heating or cooling costs in industrial facilities.

Diverse Industrial Requirements

Delays in opening and closing impede the efficient movement of materials and personnel. The rapid opening and closing mechanism of these doors accelerates material and personnel movement, enhancing overall productivity and reducing operational delays. Slower doors increase the risk of accidents in high-traffic areas. High speed doors are engineered to open and close quickly, effectively reducing the likelihood of accidents and enhancing safety in high-traffic areas. Frequent use leads to quicker deterioration, requiring more maintenance. Their robust design ensures exceptional durability and longevity, even in high-use environments, reducing the frequency and costs of repairs. Conventional doors may not meet specific industrial requirements such as strict temperature control or maintaining cleanliness. High speed doors are highly adaptable to various needs, from temperature control to hygiene maintenance, offering versatile solutions for different industrial settings.

Why Choose Rite Hite’s High Speed Doors?

Discover Rite-Hite's high speed doors, including our FasTrax, FasTrax XL, LiteSpeed, and SplitSecond models. Designed for efficiency and durability, these doors are suitable for logistical or temperature-sensitive settings. Elevate your facility's performance with Rite-Hite's solutions. Contact a representative to transform your operations today.



  • TRUE Auto Re-feed™
  • Versatile track configurations
  • Speeds up to 100" per second (2.5 m/sec)

Available Colors

FasTrax XL

  • Sizes up to 24’ x 24’
  • TRUE Auto Re-feed™
  • Speeds up to 52" per second (1.3 m/sec)

Available Colors


  • Sizes up to 12’ x 12’
  • TRUE Auto Re-feed™
  • Speeds up to 65" per second (1.5 m/sec)

Available Colors


  • Sizes up to 12’ x 12’
  • Enhanced visibility
  • Speeds up to 120" per second (3 m/sec)

Available Colors

TrakLine Series

  • Openings up to 400 sq ft
  • V-Flex™ curtain release system
  • Speeds up to 40" per second (1.0 m/sec)

Available Colors

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