Clear, concise communication is critical to safety at the loading dock. Light communication and alarms should clearly inform dock personnel when they can safely enter and exit a truck trailer and inform truck drivers when it is safe to depart.

Rite-Vu Light Communication System

  • Enhances communication inside and out at the loading dock
  • Dok-Lok® style allows for full integration of future equipment
  • Traffic-style offers basic toggle light communication


  • Help prevent backover accidents on the dangerous drive approach
  • Available with all Dok-Lok® vehicle restraints or as standalone system
  • Sensor mounts above exterior dock door opening with light & horn below door


  • Clearly inform dock personnel when they can safely enter and exit the trailer
  • Line-of-sight light communication status mitigates control box obstructions
  • Energy-saving low voltage LED lights


  • Line-of-sight notification
  • Audible alarms


  • Extends blue light to increase reaction time to help prevent forklift accidents
  • Interlock with Dok-Lok® style controls for additional safety features
  • Two brackets mounted on each side of loading dock door opening


  • Confirm Dok-Lok® engagement status and verify trailer stand presence
  • Single or dual camera options available to support various applications
  • Standalone monitor or incorporated into Dok-Commander® Combined Controls

Dok-Commander System

  • Integrate multiple pieces of loading dock equipment into one centralized panel
  • NEMA 4X Controls designed to withstand interior dock environment
  • Programmable for safe sequential order of interlocked loading dock equipment

Interlock Controls

  • Optimize loading dock safety and productivity with controls
  • Customize sequence based on facility’s standard operating procedures
  • Take human error out of the loading dock operation equation

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