Industrial HVLS Fan Applications

HVLS fans can be used in hundreds of industrial and commercial applications. Learn more about each specific application by finding the one most similar to your need.


  • Create stable farm environment
  • Helps dry manure in a barn
  • Reduce condensation on floors

Athletic Facilities

  • Comfort for athletes
  • Comfort for spectators
  • Remove odors & keep floors dry


  • Eliminate birds
  • Eliminate slippery floors
  • Protect planes & equipment

Convention Centers

  • Enhance comfort
  • Reduce costs
  • Reduce moisture

Health Clubs

  • Keep patrons comfortable
  • Move large quantities of air
  • Prevent moisture accumulation

Outdoor Auditoriums

  • Increase profitability
  • Keep patrons comfortable
  • Move large quantities of air


  • Destratify the air
  • Keep patrons comfortable
  • Keep walking surfaces dry

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