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Loading Dock Safety and Security

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Rite-Hite's loading dock safety and security solutions, integrating advanced products with comprehensive digital software, play a crucial role in helping to prevent accidents and boost loading dock security. These solutions are key to fostering a safer, more efficient workplace, ensuring seamless operations and enhanced protection.

Loading docks are the heartbeat of any facility. With the constant flow of goods in and out, the health of an organization’s supply chain safety and security is oftentimes dependent on the seamless operation of shipping and receiving docks. From truck arrival to departure, each step of the loading and unloading process can pose a risk to loading dock supply chain and security. To proactively avoid these costly impacts to facility safety, security and reputation, a full loading dock safety system can be implemented through a variety of solutions and services.

Trailer Arrival
  • Vehicle restraints properly secure trailers to address the risk of trailer separation accidents as well as mitigate the risk of cargo theft.
  • Active communication of when a trailer is properly secured is crucial to help prevent trailer separation accidents and potential injuries to employees.
  • Drive-Thru applications allow trailer doors to be opened and seal inspected, broken, or placed inside the facility. The design limits facility personnel's access to cargo while also helping prevent cargo theft as well as contamination that could result in product damage or spoilage.
  • Complete 4-sided seal hugs tightly around the trailer at the dock position to reduce white light and interior/exterior gaps, which helps prevent outside elements and contaminants from entering facility.
Active Loading and Unloading
  • Full-time loading dock communication gives visual confirmation to dock attendants that the trailer is safe to enter. 
  • Smooth Transition Dok System® helps reduce the jarring impact to employee comfort by minimizing dock shock felt by forklift drivers, while also helping to prevent damage to material transferred goods.
  • Constant contact controls alleviate the manual processes in dock leveler, restraint, and overhead door operation to help reduce employee injury and can be programmed for a safer sequence of operation.
Trailer Departure
  • Vertical dock levelers allow facilities to document and place security tags inside the building, helping reduce the risk of seal tampering after departure. They also act as a vertical safety barrier to prevent vacant drop-off and overhead door damage when the trailer is no longer present.
  • Loading dock safety barrier systems address OSHA requirements for protecting material handlers from the 4-foot vacant drop-off, especially in facilities that have adopted an Open Door Policy.
  • 24/7 loading dock communication gives visual confirmation to truck drivers it is safe to pull away, helping reduce early departure accidents as well as damage to trailer’s RIG and or wheels.


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