DD2 Dual-Dok Scissor Lift Dock Leveler

Ideal for diverse loading needs
Industry exclusive leveler and lift
Removes grade-line door or ramp need


The Rite-Hite Dual-Dok is the only dock leveler in the industry that offers the functionality of both a scissor lift and, at the push of a button, switches to regular pit style leveler; helping increase productivity with fewer dock positions.

  • Versatile Lift allows personnel to travel between dock and ground level without a grade-line door or ramp.
  • Lift & Leveler Modes switch through constant contact push-button controls with the option to operate via pendant when in Lift Mode.
  • Expanded Safe Working Range helps increase productivity through a dock leveler that reaches up to 12 feet in length.
  • LCD On-Screen Display provides continuous message center communication to the operator, while its diagnostic display allows for faster troubleshooting.

The Rite-Hite Dual-Dok Scissor Lift Dock Leveler provides numerous features to keep personnel, equipment, and the facility safe and secure.

  • Emergency Pull Chain Operation provides the ability to lower the leveler from the raised position, in the event of a power outage.
  • Lift Mode Pendant allows the operator to control the leveler from warehouse dock height and yard without the assistance of additional personnel.
  • Front Bellows secure the facility by closing off the front of the leveler, as the pit runs the height of the loading dock door to the ground.
  • Under-Leveler Insulation (optional) helps prevent condensation from forming on the leveler deck (AKA Sweating Slab Syndrome) and accidental slipping of personnel or equipment. This can be an issue in the event of extreme warm or cold weather, where outside air enters under the leveler and encounters the difference of inside temperature.

Rite-Hite Dual-Dok Scissor Dock Levelers are backed by the company’s industry leading warranties.

  • 12-Month Limited Money-Back Guarantee of Customer Satisfaction
  • Up to 20-Year Money Back Warranty Based on the Dock Leveler Investment Guide
  • 1-Year Parts & Labor

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