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Rite-Hite ONE Digital Platform

Increase throughput, maximize efficiency, plan for downtime, and help mitigate safety incidents.

For over 55 years, Rite-Hite’s® innovative design teams have been engineering products that help improve safety and productivity at the loading dock and inside the plant. Now, that expertise is leading the way with powerful technology – from controls and sensors on smart equipment to data and analytics solutions.

With the birth of Industry 4.0, Rite-Hite is focused on manufacturing equipment that can help customers optimize throughput, prioritize maintenance, help mitigate safety incidents, and act on meaningful analytics. We do so today with data produced by Rite-Hite’s line of smart, connected equipment, powered by Rite-Hite ONE.

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Stay in Sync with Visibility and Actionable Analytics

Gain Operational Visibility and Maximize Productivity: Eliminate costly detention charges while increasing loading dock throughput and leverage the Rite-Hite ONE Digital platform to gain visibility and actionable insight into your loading dock operation.

Maximize Uptime and Document Compliance: Stay ahead of equipment downtime and drive maximum longevity with proactive maintenance. Rite-Hite ONE Digital’s ability to monitor cycles, log service events, and understand overall utilization ensures that the only downtime will be planned.

Leverage Safety Notification to Drive Increased Safety and Efficiency: The Rite-Hite ONE Platform analyzes safety events at the loading docks and high-speed doors, generating real-time alerts and trending insights that help prevent future occurrences. This harmony of safety and efficiency forms the foundation of a more profitable, productive workspace.

Data-Driven Decision Making: Facility managers can now identify, analyze, and optimize specific facility or loading dock areas for peak productivity, uptime, and safety. Rite-Hite ONE Digital’s analytical capabilities provide a deeper understanding of operational trends and bottlenecks.

Cloud-Based Innovation: Embrace the power of the Rite-Hite ONE cloud platform.


Improve Loading Dock Management Operations

With new cloud-based software solutions, processes can be improved to positively impact safety, streamline shipping and receiving, enable real-time communication (even in the yard!), and support high-volume, just-in-time needs.

With our warehouse and dock management software solutions you will be able to help:

  • Solve miscommunication errors between drivers and loading dock personnel.
  • Improve efficiency and communication via dashboards and text-messages.
  • Increase truck volume by 8-10% every week.
  • Managers identify and remove bottlenecks and traffic jams.

Rite-Hite has always looked at warehouse operations and loading dock management differently. Whenever we see your facility’s equipment, we are thinking about the data that it can capture, what that data can tell management, how that piece of equipment integrates with other equipment around it, and how that integrated system should work from a holistic standpoint. We’re in the business of helping facilities operate at their finest.

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Dock Management and Communication Software

  • Reduce driver wait times & help prevent miscommunication
  • Reduce detention charges year-over-year
  • Increase daily truck volume

Rite-Hite ONE Control Tower

  • Optimize facility throughput
  • Prioritize maintenance
  • Help mitigate safety incidents


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Improve trailer load times, leverage loading dock communication and create clarity with Rite-Hite's® Dock Communication Software.

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Our Dock and Yard Management Software offers real-time visibility of every dock and every trailer, whenever you need it.

How Rite-Hite Makes Loading Docks Smarter

Use equipment insights to improve safety, communication and efficiency at the loading dock. 

improving industrial safety, security and productivity worldwide THROUGH QUALITY AND INNOVATION

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