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Loading Dock Seals

At the loading dock, Rite-Hite Dock Seals provide a tight, gasket-type seal on three sides of the trailer. As it comes to rest against the loading dock bumpers, the trailer compresses into the foam side pads of the loading dock seal. This compression encloses the space between the dock position and trailer.

Help maximize energy savings and protect against outdoor elements with our durable and customizable dock seals.

Sealing the gaps around the trailer, achieves maximum environmental control at the dock. In addition, sealing gaps around the trailer also prohibits outside elements like rodents, bugs, rain, wind, dust and other pests to enter your facility.

A few benefits to sealing gaps with Rite-Hite dock seals include:

  • Lower energy costs
  • Minimizing contaminants coming into your facility
  • Protect valuable products and cargo from weather related damage
  • Be prepared to pass audits and inspections
  • Create a safe and comfortable work environment for employees

Rite-Hite’s line-up of dock seals provides additional detailed features and information on the durability and sealing efficiency so you can make the most informed decision for your warehouse or facility.

Learn About Dock Seals


  • ArmorPleat protection
  • Firefighter technology
  • Replaceable wear components


  • Firefighter technology
  • Friction-resistant
  • Ultra durable side pad

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