Global Wheel-Lok Restraints

The Global Wheel-Lok (trailer wheel lock) restraint automatically engages the trailer's rear tire with one 20" (0.51 m) barrier to provide safe engagement of virtually all trailer types.

GWL-2300 Features and Benefits

  • Positioned automatically

    • Trailer contacts trigger device and energy of the trailer pivots the barrier locking arm into position.

    Versatile design

    • 20" (0.51 m) high locking arm secures virtually any trailer with a 30-44" (0.76-1.1 m)  tire diameter.
    • Services the widest variety of trailers including lift-gates, standard over the road with or without RIG's, and intermodal container chassis.
    • 43-158" (1.1-4.0 m) engagement range.

    Enhances seal effectiveness

    • Two wheel guides ensure on-center trailer positioning to protect building wall and enhance dock seal or shelter effectiveness.

    Reliable, low maintenance

    • Simple, reliable electro-mechanical design with minimal maintenance.
    • Surface mounted for easy installation and maintenance.
    • Performs in all weather conditions.
  • Full-Time Communication     

    • Comes standard with Corner-Vu and Leveler-Vu.       
    • Interior and exterior LED lights are standard.

    Optimizeable Dok-Lok Style Light Communication 

    • Advanced controls support future integration of Rite-Vu Hazard Recognition and Control visual and audible alarms

    Opti-Vu® Platform for Data-Driven Decision Making

    Industry-Leading Warranty       

    • Base Controls with Standard Warranty includes 1 year parts/1 year labor.
    • Opti-Vu Extended Warranty includes 2 year parts/1 year labor, coded horn override, security system interface and self-diagnostics.   

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Opti-Vu Capable
Opti-Vu Capable

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