Original Dok-Lok® Rotating Hook Restraints

The #1 name in vehicle restraints, Rite-Hite is the expert when it comes to Dok-Lok® rotating hook restraints. We created the vehicle restraint industry with the introduction of the first-ever rotating hook restraint on April 22, 1980. Innovated to meet today’s standards, but fundamentally the same for over 40 years, rotating hooks set the industry standard with the most advanced RIG technology. Offering the greatest reach, creating a two-point entrapment for ICC bars and today’s RIGs, rotating hooks help reduce trailer separation accidents, such as: early departure, trailer creep, landing gear collapse and more. When optimized with Shadow Hook technology, rotating hooks can properly secure intermodal chassis as well as obstructed RIGs.

Creating the Vehicle Restraint industry in 1980, Dok-Lok® Rotating Hook Restraints offer more wrap than any other restraint while supporting the widest variety of RIG types. They are ideal for facilities that want to:

  • Accommodate trailers with RIGs, as well as pre-1998 ICC bars, with standard Contoured Hook.
  • Respond to the rise in Global Logistics by properly securing intermodal chassis as well as obstructed RIGs with Shadow Hook®.
  • Support below-dock end load situation by maintaining proper hook engagement.
  • Support heavy loading environments with dual clad track which provides 50% more track strength to help minimize damage.
  • Service RIGs lower than 22” with dual articulating nose extension.

SHR-5000 Shadow Hook® Restraint

  • Helps secure intermodal containers or trailers with RIG obstructions  
  • Widest working range (9”-30”) for consistent RIG/ICC bar contact 
  • Dual clad track provides 50% more track strength to help minimize damage

GRH-700 Rotating Hook Restraint

  • Contoured Hook designed to entrap RIG equipped trailers and outdated ICC bars  
  • Widest working range (9”-30”) for consistent RIG/ICC bar contact 
  • Dual articulating nose extension ensures the widest range of coverage

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