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Ideal for facilities with a variety of trailer heights
Ergonomic vehicle leveling platform with roll-off protection
Helps eliminate bumper and dock leveler pit wall obstructions


RHTL Trailer Lift helps provide the most universal fit for vehicle bed heights by allowing full, unobstructed access to a wide variety of vehicle types and loads. Combined with wheel guides and cylinder covers to help ensure consistent on-center vehicle positioning for quick and efficient dock arrival.

  • Expanded Working Height gives trailer beds the height needed to clear the pit wall and bumpers. Forklift drivers are provided with unobstructed entry to the vehicle bed.
  • Wheel Guides are mounted on the drive-approach on the left and right-hand side of the trailer lift to help navigate the back wheels onto the lift deck for accurate dock positioning.
  • Integral Platform Wheel Guides are located at the back of the lift deck to help ensure proper alignment, protect the building, and enhance dock seal effectiveness.
  • Geometric Cylinder Covers have deflection technology to help smoothly position the backend of the trailer while providing additional protection for the dual hydraulic cylinders.

RHTL Trailed Lift’s innovative design provides a low, sleek profile with reliable strength and durability, making it ideal for demanding industries such as automotive. In addition, a wide variety of safety features keep the protection of personnel, trailers, and equipment the top priority.

  • Reinforced Deck provides additional strength, compared with traditional trailer lifts, to help prolong product life.
  • Ergonomic Platform is composed of 4-panels that allow for gentle inclines and declines of the deck surface, keeping the trailer bed level for safe loading and unloading and rear trailer tires securely in place.
  • Dual Maintenance Props are engaged at the rear of the lift platform for added safety during routine cleaning and maintenance.
  • Abrasive Paint helps provide a non-slip surface for added personnel safety. The lift comes standard with a tread plate for increased traction. These are a more friendly solution, compared with competitor trailer lifts that use metal grates, when it comes to snow removal.
  • Manual Release Lowering Valve can be used to quickly (~19 seconds) lower lift in the event of a power outage.
  • Variety of Rite-Hite Vehicle Restraints are available. Each provides secure vehicle restraint engagement for traditional and obstructed rear impact guards, which helps address trailer separation.

RHTL Trailer Lift helps maximize productivity through efficient installation. Additionally, the low pressure operating system is strategically engineered with limited moving parts to minimize maintenance needs and requires minimal maintenance – decreasing costly downtime.

  • Surface Mounting helps reduce installation inconveniences. The trailer lift does not require additional drainage or the construction of a costly trench. The platform comes standard with water removal passages to help prevent standing water.
  • Debris Guards (also known as Toe Guards) are tactically mounted to uprights along the side of the lift instead of ground mounting, for easy routine maintenance access.
  • Roll-off Guard is engineered with a reinforced pocket for the vehicle restraint. The guard offers enhanced roll-off protection for the trailer while allowing it to be securely restrained without potential damage to the Dok-Lok Vehicle Restraint.
  • Dual Hydraulic Cylinders power the trailer lift through low-pressure operation. A non-adjustable velocity fuse allows for free float of the parcel platform to help reduce pressure to prolong product life and minimize drastic movements for a smoother loading and unloading process.
  • Stainless Steel Contact Plate is located at the rear of the trailer lift to help guide the restraint nose piece and protect the platform.

RHTL Trailer Lift is part of a full loading dock system, where the interlocked controls (trailer lift, vehicle restraint, dock leveler, and more) help increase safety throughout the facility’s sequence of operation. Each piece of equipment is working together for a productive loading and unloading process.

  • Integrated Controls combine multiple pieces of operating equipment into one centralized panel to help provide a safer sequence of operation.
  • Uni-Dox Inflatable Shelter (optional) provides the most versatile seal available for loading docks. Once the trailer is positioned with the restraint secured, the head and side bags inflate around the top and sides of the truck for a tight parameter seal.
  • Variety of Vehicle Restraints (optional) are available. Each provides secure restraint engagement for traditional and obstructed Rear Impact Guards, which helps address trailer separation.
  • Light Communication System utilizes red and green lights to indicate Dok-Lok engagement status for truck drivers outside and material handlers inside, to help prevent early departure accidents.

Rite-Hite warranties are backed by a exclusive network of representatives and industry leading planned maintenance programs; helping ensure products are performing at their full potential.

  • 12-Month Limited Money-Back Guarantee of Customer Satisfaction.
  • 5 Year Parts & Labor Structural and Hydraulics Warranty.

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