Outdoor Auditoriums

Increase profitability
Keep patrons comfortable
Move large quantities of air


HVLS fans create a 10 degree cooling effect, helping patrons stay comfortable even on hot summer days. Keeping patrons comfortable allows them to stay longer, spend more on concessions and encourage them to return to your venue in the future.
People love outside entertainment, but they do not like feeling hot and sweaty when they’re stationary. With the aid of an industrial ceiling fan specifically designed for the outdoors, you’re able to keep your venue cool during the profitable summer months, allowing venues to be bustling even during the hottest months of the year.
A reputation of keeping people comfortable with industrial outdoor ceiling fans, even in the blistering heat, will help a venue attract more acts and more patrons. When patrons know they'll be comfortable, they might even choose to attend shows based on the theater instead of the act.
Distractions are obnoxious and can detract from the show, but HVLS fans are quiet - they won't interfere with performances. Our industrial outdoor ceiling fans also don't interfere with A/V equipment.

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