An edge of dock leveler constructed with high strength low-alloy steel helps increase durability for longer product life.

Why Use An Edge of Dock Leveler?

Bridging the gap at the dock edge can be challenging for certain facilities, from warehouses to distribution centers. Different, yet similar, to other loading dock levelers, the edge of dock leveler is designed for facilities that service vehicles with very little variety in the trailer types or heights. Compared with traditional EOD edge dock leveler offerings, Rite-Hite's Edge-O-Dock leveler operation is more ergonomic, helping protect dock personnel and equipment.

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Edge of Dock Installation

Installing an edge dock leveler into your facility's loading dock area will allow material handling equipment and operators to move products and materials quickly while helping to keep employees safe. The edge of dock leveler installation creates a permanent fixture at the dock edge, allowing for a more secure transfer method than a traditional dockboard or dock plate.

Choose from either a hydraulic edge of dock leveler (with simple push-button operation) or a mechanical edge of dock leveler (with a unique linkage operation design), both economical solutions offer features that help keep personnel safe through the efficiency improved loading and unloading process.

Edge of Dock Leveler Benefits:

  • Lower Lifetime Ownership Costs through either push-button (hydraulic) or ergonomic upright position (mechanical) operation that keeps your personnel from bending far over when placing the leveler
  • Increased Safety through either push-button (hydraulic) or ergonomic upright position (mechanical) operation that keeps your personnel from bending far over when placing the leveler
  • No Pit Necessary, which helps decrease installation time, lower the threat of cargo theft, and prevent pest and contaminant infiltration
  • Grease Fittings help improve leveler operation while reducing maintenance needs
  • Operating Handle doubles as a functioning maintenance strut for enhanced personnel protection during maintenance
  • Exclusive Representative Network to help ensure your equipment is reaching its maximum potential

RHE-300 Edge-O-Dock Hydraulic

  • Powered solution for non-pit style applications
  • Simple two-button hydraulic controls
  • High strength low-alloy steel construction

RHE-300 Edge-O-Dock Mechanical

  • Alternative to labor intensive dock plates
  • High strength low-alloy steel construction
  • Limited distance & force required to activate lip

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