Loading Dock Houses

A Loading Dock House is an external structure that extends the facility floor to the drive approach, giving all the benefits of a traditional concrete pit loading dock without undergoing messy and costly construction or forfeiting space inside the facility.

Choose a Rite-Hite loading dock house as an alternative to traditional loading dock construction with minimal mess, building modifications or disruption to daily operations.

Dock House Benefits:

  • Ease of Installation – Dock house structure consists of three main parts: platform deck, house siding and dock house roof. The dock leveler is placed in the platform deck so there is no need for a concrete poured pit, minimizing pains felt during installation and fast-tracking the entire process.
  • Saves Valuable Interior Space – The dock house frame or leveler platform acts as an extension of the facility, providing the area needed for the entire loading dock system from leveler, to shelter, to vehicle restraint.
  • Environmental Control – Dock house is anchored to the exterior of the building to help protect against environmental elements and temperature differences; helping to improve energy efficiency.
  • Protect Against Contaminants – Dock house is anchored to the exterior of the building to help protect against environmental elements and temperature differences; helping to improve energy efficiency.
  • Easy Access - The dock house open frame helps allow for a more convenient clean-up process during routine maintenance.
  • Portability – Dock houses are easily assembled and unassembled. If the facility demands change, the structure can be relocated as needed.

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What Makes Up A Rite-Hite Dock House?

Makes Makes Up A Dock House Image

1. Dock Leveler Platform

 Dock House - Leveler Platform  

The portable dock house is easily assembled and unassembled to fit and adapt with facility needs. It’s exterior frame extends the facility floor to the drive approach for added space.

2. Interior Door

Dock House - Interior Door

Energy efficient seal of the dock house interior door helps prevent unnecessary air flow to regulate temperatures between the inside the facility and the trailer.

3. Loading Dock Shelter

Dock House - Inflatable Shelter Header

Loading dock shelter uses one single piece of equipment to provide a tight, consistent seal all the way up the trailer sides, across the top and at all corners.

4. Loading Dock Leveler

Dock House Webpage Image

Rite-Hite dock houses use dock levelers that help facilities service the widest range of trailer bed heights; fitting the correct leveler size to meet facility needs for above and below dock operating ranges.

5. Inflatable Header (optional)

Dock House - Inflatable Shelter Header

Uni-Dox® inflatable loading dock headers provide the most versatile seal available, giving the best possible perimeter seal to the widest variety of trailer sizes and heights.

6. Exterior Door (optional)

Raptor Max

Durable external door design can withstand even the toughest of weather elements, creating a second layer of environmental control inside the dock house.

7. Vehicle Restraint

Dock House Webpage Image

Dok-Lok® vehicle restraints help secure trailers to loading dock and prevent accidents causes by early departure; keeping personnel and equipment safe.

8. Communication Controls

Loading Dock Outside Lights and Signage

Light communication system integrates with product controls to visually notify personnel inside and truck drivers outside. For a safer sequence of operation, controls can be combined onto one panel.

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