MWL-1300 Manual Wheel-Lok Restraint

Ergonomic design is manually positioned with minimal force
Optional security latch ensures barrier placement and cargo theft deterrent
Optional wheel guides ensure on-center trailer positioning


  • 19" (0.48 m) high barrier secures virtually any trailer with a 30-44" (0.76-1.1 m) tire diameter.
  • Services the widest variety of trailers including lift-gates, standard over the road with or without RIG's, and intermodal container chassis.
  • 43-145" (1.1-3.7 m) engagement range.
Ergonomic design is easily positioned with minimal force in front of the trailer's rearmost or front tire.
  • When barrier is properly secured on trailer tire the security latch is engaged insuring that barrier cannot be removed.
  • Security latch serves as a cargo theft deterrent.
  • Forklift driver must depress "loading complete" button on inside control box to retract security latch.
  • Simple, reliable design that requires yearly maintenance.
  • Surface mounted for easy installation and maintenance.
  • Performs in all weather conditions.

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