Hydraulic Conversion

Free fall protection
Improved ergonomics for aging workforce
Reduced equipment downtime and maintenance needs


  • Helps prevent catastrophic events and damage to the leveler with a non-adjustable velocity safety fuse that helps stop rapid leveler descent in the case of an early trailer departure by only falling 3" below dock at a time; providing ultimate free-fall protection.
  • Full-range free float technology allows the leveler platform to adjust to changing trailer bed heights, which helps to protect the equipment and eliminate the jarring effects of stump-out caused by mechanical end-load legs locking into place.
  • Hydraulic leveler single push button operation helps decrease ergonomic stress on personnel and increases the overall ease of use by eliminating the need to bend over to pull a chain and the potential need for jumping to "walk" the leveler down.
  • Helps protect personnel and equipment by eliminating the risk of hold-down failure from damaged ramp control teeth or worn brake systems on mechanical levelers that could lead to an unsafe situation called leveler pop-up.
  • Replaces competitive leveler maintenance props with the central through-the-lip design of Safe-T-Strut.
  • For most Rite-Hite and competitive mechanical and air levelers, full-range toe guards and Safe-T-Strut are optional with the conversion kit for personnel safety.
  • Helps reduce equipment downtime with fewer moving parts for less required maintenance needs.
  • Heavy-duty hydraulic ramp lifting cylinder positioned at the front center underneath the leveler to provide maximum ramp support in the situation of an early trailer departure and minimal effort required to lift the ramp.
  • Lower maintenance costs over the lifetime of hydraulic leveler vs. mechanical or air powered.
  • Cost savings without having to completely replace existing loading dock leveler.

  • Universally accepted on most competitive and Rite-Hite levelers to replace failed hydraulic motors and pumps as well as worn-out mechanical and air components.
  • Rite-Hite provides an exclusive network of representatives and industry-leading planned maintenance programs; helping ensure products are performing at their full potential.
  • One-year parts and labor warranty.

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