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Cargo Theft at the Loading Dock

Rite-Hite's innovative solutions helpaddress the growing challenge of cargo theft at theloading dock, a key vulnerability in the supply chain. Integrating advanced dock products with digital software, our systems, including Dok-Lok® vehiclerestraints and drive-thru applications, provide robust security against unattended trailer theft. These solutions not only deter but actively protect against theft, ensuring the safety of valuable assets and maintaining supply chain integrity, crucial in high-risk industries. Choose Rite-Hite for comprehensive dock security and asset protection.

A Growing Challenge.

The supply chain consists of the production and delivery of products and every process in between. The journey of goods throughout the supply chain can potentially take place over multiple locations. As the growth expands globally, introducing a wider variety of trailers and containers, it’s vital to ensure a plan for supply chain security across an organization’s critical points of entry. One increasing risk to supply chain security is cargo theft, which occurs when product is stolen from a shipment of freight moving at any point during the supply chain process. While there are a variety of situations where cargo theft can occur, a typical occurrence happens when the driver leaves the trailer unattended, accounting for 87% of cargo theft.

Cargonet has reported that cargo theft is up 57% YoY in 2023, resulting in a total loss of approximately $44M. It happens in seemingly secure locations like warehouses, commercial yards, distribution centers and loading docks. In fact, 10% of cargo theft happens at commercial facilities. High traffic areas, such as receiving docks of warehouses are highly susceptible to cargo theft. If the truck driver leaves the cab for any reason, the product inside the trailer is vulnerable. Security seals are one way of providing evidence of tampering or exposure, but if they are cut before the trailer is safely secured to the building, or forgotten after unloading the trailer, any stop a trailer makes along the way is a potential threat.

The industries most commonly targeted include: Food & Beverage (28%), Electronics (13%), Alcohol and Tobacco (10%). Geography plays a role as well, especially in areas with high value shipments, including the following which are more geographically susceptible to threat – California, Texas, Florida, Illinois, Arizona, New Mexico, New York City and Philadelphia. 

Stolen cargo can quickly lead to lost profits and a damaged reputation, creating both immediate and long-term challenges. Thankfully, facilities can limit critical entry points right outside their dock door.  

The Rite Solution.

As a seatbelt helps prevent serious injury during car accidents, Dok-Lok® vehicle restraints help keep trailers secure, protecting valuable assets at your dock. They also act as a visual deterrent for cargo theft, while matching pace with the global supply chain and changing trailer-type trends. When optimized with Shadow Hook® Technology, the industry’s premium rotating hook restraints can properly secure intermodal chassis as well as trailers with obstructed Rear Impact Guards (RIGs).

  • Upon additional trailer movement, the exclusive Shadow Hook will pivot and lock in safety stops, helping to further prevent trailer separation accidents while accommodating a wider variety of trailers.
  • Should tampering occur when a Dok-Lok is engaged, automatic re-fire technology will restore a safe and secure connection between the vehicle restraint & RIG.
  • The vehicle restraint's control panel can also enhance physical security by interfacing with your facility security system – notifying the system if the restraint is tampered with while the building is empty.
  • When interlocked through a safe sequence of operations inside the dock, safety protocols and processes can be easier followed by dock workers and material handling personnel; helping prevent out of order steps, which could lead to unsafe practices.
  • Smart, connected vehicle restraints help facilities gather data & analytics on how often a Dok-Lok is tampered with or improperly used, helping to deter cargo theft.
  • If using a wheel-based restraint, an optional security latch is engaged to ensure the barrier cannot be manually removed during loading/unloading or trailer staged at dock position, while also acting as a cargo theft deterrent.

SHR-5000 Shadow Hook™ Engaged with Obstruction

While vehicle restraints act as a visual deterrent to help prevent cargo theft, a more holistic approach like a Drive-Thru application can help provide a full 360 degrees of protection. From trailer arrival to departure, each step of the safe sequence of operation helps protect your people products and equipment. Anchored by a vertical storing dock leveler, drive-thru applications ensure security seals are inspected, cut and replaced inside the facility to further minimize risk of exposing cargo to outside elements and theft. 

Rite Here for You.

As cargo theft continues to increase annually, intentional measures must be taken to ensure the right loading dock equipment is selected to help mitigate risks. Choose Rite-Hite to help protect your company’s assets and reputation from this looming threat. Speak with a loading dock expert to learn more!

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