Cargo Theft

A Growing Problem.

Cargo theft may have been an opportunistic crime in the past, but it has recently become much more organized. Thieves aren’t just stealing random cargo and then looking for buyers. They are targeting specific shipments based on orders they’ve already taken from customers who may or may not know they are purchasing stolen goods.

The FBI estimates that $30 billion worth of cargo is stolen each year. These thefts occur daily – full trailer loads disappear, often without a trace; and it happens in seemingly secure locations like warehouse yards and loading docks. In fact, thefts originating at facilities hit a record high in 2015, with an average loss value of more than $681k per incident – according to reports from FreightWatch International.

The industries most commonly targeted include: Food & Beverage (24%), Electronics (15%), Home & Garden (12%), Auto Parts (9%), Building & Industrial (8%), Metals (7%), Clothing & Shoes (7%), and the list goes on. Geography plays a role as well – California, Texas, Florida, New Jersey, and Georgia are the top states for cargo theft. (To learn more, view this cargo theft infographic or cargo theft video.)

Stolen cargo can quickly lead to lost profits and a damaged reputation, creating both immediate and long-term challenges. So how can you defend against the threat of cargo theft at the loading dock? The answer is right outside your dock door…

The Rite Solution.

Dok-Lok® vehicle restraints act as a visual deterrent for cargo thieves; and they provide an additional level of security that is unmatched by any other line of restraints.

  • Should tampering occur when a Dok-Lok is engaged, automatic re-fire technology will restore a safe and secure connection between the Lok & RIG.
  • The unit’s control panel can also enhance physical security by interfacing with your facility security system – notifying the system if the restraint is tampered with while the building is empty.

Help protect your company’s assets and reputation from this opportunistic crime.

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