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Planned Maintenance Programs

Planned maintenance is the best way to prevent workflow interruptions that impact your bottom line.

If your equipment runs inefficiently or unexpectedly breaks down, it can spell disaster. A planned Maintenance Program through a Rite-Hite representative is an ongoing schedule of regular maintenance visits designed to keep equipment in top working order and address small problems before they become serious.

Benefits of a Planned Maintenance Program:

  • Factory-trained technicians: Highly trained and certified technicians come prepared with fully-stocked trucks, so they can troubleshoot any piece of equipment.
  • Increased performance and efficiency: Regular cleaning and tune-ups are vital to peak performance and energy efficiency.
  • Less downtime: Expert inspections and condition reports identify potential problems before they bring operations to a halt.
  • Discounted parts*: When repairs are unavoidable, save money on necessary parts
  • Recommendations and consultation: Receive a free loading dock and door survey which includes an assessment and inspection of every piece of dock equipment and doors. A full report summarizing recommendations for maintenance or repairs is provided upon completion.
*Discounted parts and warranty may not be available in all regions. Contact your local Rite-Hite Representative for more information.

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