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Dock lifts, also known as scissor dock lifts, provide dock positions with the flexibility to bridge the gap from warehouse floor to trailer bed, while also equipping the dock with the ability to lower materials to the ground without the use of a ramp or grade-line door.

Dock lifts help enhance operational safety and efficiency by providing a versatile solution for safely moving goods between various heights of trailer beds and unloading trucks.

Dock Lifts

Upgrade your loading dock with Rite-Hite's robust dock lift options. Choose the exclusive Dual-Dok® design to increase productivity with the ability to switch between a heavy-duty dock leveler and an elevating lift at the push of a button, all at one dock. The LRL hydraulic dock lift is versatile and can meet the needs of various vehicle beds, thanks to its adjustable lip sizes. Choose Rite-Hite for reliable and efficient hydraulic dock lifts to enhance your loading dock operations.

Dock Lift Benefits:

  • Hydraulic Push-Button Operation allows simple and safe operation.
  • Improved Safety from features ranging from emergency power unit operation, to increased stability frame, to multiple handrails and bollards.
  • Scheduled Maintenance Programs available to keep your dock lift system in top condition and reduce downtime.
  • Versatile Installation Options are available based on facility need. Dock lifts can be delivered partially or fully assembled
  • Diverse Working Ranges based on trailer height requirements. Dock lifts platforms are manufactured up to 12 feet in length to accommodate a wide range of facility applications.
  • Industry Leading Warranty backed by a exclusive representative network ensures that your equipment is able to reach its maximum potential.
  • Increased efficiency. Hydraulic dock lifts provide a reliable and efficient solution for loading and unloading operations. They allow for seamless movement of goods between different levels, such as a truck and a loading dock, making the process quicker and more streamlined.

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DD22 Dual-Dok® Scissor Lift Dock Leveler

  • Ideal for diverse loading needs
  • Industry exclusive leveler and lift
  • Removes grade-line door or ramp need

LRL Hydraulic Dock Lift

  • Ideal for parcel delivery docks
  • Provides hand truck access to yard
  • Split lip fits variety of truck sizes

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