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Rite-Vu™ Hazard Recognition and Control at the Loading Dock

Clear, concise communication sets the stage for safety and productivity. Incorporating lights along with audible and visual alarms can have an immediate, positive impact at the loading dock. From red and green lights which inform dock personnel when they can safely proceed with loading activities to audible and visual alarms that notify personnel when they need to vacate the drive approach, Rite-Hite offers solutions for a safer, more productive facility.

Rite-Vu™ Hazard Recognition and Control allows facilities to:

  • Introduce light communication to the loading dock, with Rite-Vu™ Light Communication Systems.
  • Incorporate line of sight Rite-Vu™ Light Communication System status for vehicle restraint engagement with Corner-Vu™ and Leveler-Vu™.
  • Extend Blue Light Policy to help prevent 80,000 annual forklift-pedestrian accidents by increasing reaction time at the loading dock with Pedestrian-Vu™.
  • Directly address 2nd leading cause of backover fatalities in the United States by communicating hazards to pedestrians in the drive approach with Approach-Vu™.
  • Confirm Dok-Lok® engagement while verifying trailer stand presence via outside camera and inside monitor with Lok-Vu™.
  • Take control of each dock position by monitoring total duration of loading dock activities, helping workers to prioritize loading with the Dok-Lok® Dock Timer.
  • Integrate additional and future equipment along with interlocked sequence of operations with Dok-Lok® Style Light Communication System.
  • Integrate multiple pieces of loading dock equipment into programmable safe sequence of operations with Dok-Commander® Combined Controls.
  • Monitor equipment, capture events, synchronize vital information and facilitate data-driven behaviors and process change.

Rite-Vu™ Hazard Recognition and Control components are available as standalone solutions or incorporated with compatible Rite-Hite® control systems. The interlocked controls offer more flexibility than Traffic-Style Light Communication Systems, facilitating the greatest long-term yield per dock position. Facilities are able to address their most urgent safety needs first while reserving the opportunity to integrate Dok-Lok vehicle restraints and other safety solutions at a fraction of the cost compared to standalone equipment purchases.

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Loading Dock Light Communication Systems

  • Enhances communication inside and out at the loading dock
  • Dok-Lok® style allows for full integration of future equipment
  • Traffic-style offers basic toggle light communication

Corner-Vu™ and Leveler-Vu™ Line of Sight Light Communication

  • Clearly inform dock personnel when they can safely enter and exit the trailer
  • Line-of-sight light communication status mitigates control box obstructions
  • Energy-saving low voltage LED lights

Pedestrian-Vu™ Active Loading Verification

  • Extends blue light to increase reaction time to help prevent forklift accidents
  • Interlock with Dok-Lok® style controls for additional safety features
  • Two brackets mounted on each side of loading dock door opening

Approach-Vu™ Pedestrian Drive Approach Safety

  • Help prevent backover accidents on the dangerous drive approach
  • Available with all Dok-Lok® vehicle restraints or as standalone system
  • Sensor mounts above exterior dock door opening with light & horn below door

Lok-Vu™ Visual Dock Lock Verification System

  • Confirm Dok-Lok® engagement status and verify trailer stand presence
  • Single or dual camera options available to support various applications
  • Standalone monitor or incorporated into Dok-Commander® Combined Controls

Dok-Lok® Dock Timer

  • Real-time display of active or total loading duration for each dock position
  • Helps improve loading efficiencies by increasing capacity & trailer throughput
  • Visual management tool cleanly displayed on NEMA 4X Graphic User Interface (GUI)

Interlocked Sequence of Operations

  • Optimize loading dock safety and productivity with controls
  • Customize sequence based on facility’s standard operating procedures
  • Take human error out of the loading dock operation equation

Dok-Commander® Combined Controls

  • Integrate multiple pieces of loading dock equipment into one centralized panel
  • NEMA 4X Controls designed to withstand interior dock environment
  • Programmable for safe sequential order of interlocked loading dock equipment

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