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Solutions For The Warehousing and Distribution Industry

Rite-Hite's warehousing and distribution solutions are designed to incorporate loading dock and in-plant safety products supported by a comprehensive digital software platform. These solutions are crafted to address the distinct challenges faced in the warehousing sector, prioritizing safety, efficiency, and productivity. They are essential in adapting to the industry's dynamic and rapidly evolving landscape as companies shift towards automation and advanced technologies.

The rapid expansion of the global supply chain has changed the way warehouses and distribution centers rely on their loading dock and in-plant equipment. From the ebb and flow of labor surpluses and shortages, to the growth of automation, and the impact of ecommerce and consumer demands, today’s warehouses and distribution centers face a greater array of challenges than ever before. However, the main goal of these facilities has always remained the same…keep the supply chain moving in a way that is efficient for customers and safe for its workers.

Meeting the Demand for Better Warehouse and Distribution Space

The supply chain is expanding. Meeting the demands of the rapidly growing need for more warehouse and distribution space is an ongoing challenge. According to Global Trade Magazine, the United States currently has roughly 9,000 commercial warehousing facilities, which comprise 1.9 billion square feet of space – a ten-fold increase from just 20 years ago. As these facilities grow to accommodate consumer demands, so do their facilities. Having the appropriate loading dock and in-plant equipment can help improve employee safety and company-wide productivity. A warehouse or distribution center should consider:

  • Hydraulic dock levelers that provide safety and reliability with smooth transition from the facility floor to the trailer
  • Vehicle restraints to secure intermodal containers or trailers to the dock
  • Light communication systems at the dock that provide instant hazard recognition and communication to pedestrians and material handling operators
  • High speed industrial doors for moving product quickly and safely through a facility
  • Traffic detention systems such as the Safe-T-Signal®  at busy intersections
  • Dock management and communication software to help synchronize loading dock and yard communication in real-time across approved devices
  • Smart data and analytics software that offers predictive analysis, artificial intelligence and new data sets to management teams to efficiently identify, analyze and eliminate behaviors and processes that may be holding back operations – including issues you didn’t even know existed.
  • Modular industrial walls and insulated curtain walls that can adapt and change with your facility needs
  • Industrial ceiling fans and HVLS fans to efficiently control the temperature in large facilities

Loading Dock and In-Plant Solutions for Warehouses and Distribution Centers

At Rite-Hite, we have many solutions for the warehousing and distribution industry along with the knowledge and experience to help you address the issues you face with your facility. We keep up-to-date on best practices, new design and technology and the latest trends in the industry. From e-commerce and Covid-19 to filling the workforce gap, read about all the trends that impact modern warehouses in the "Essential Guide to: Warehouses and Distribution Centers."

The Essential Guide: Warehouses and Distribution Centers

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