Rite-Hite strictly prohibits the use of prison labor, bonded labor, indentured labor or forced labor in the manufacture or finishing of products we order, including, without limitation, prison and slave labor or human trafficking for the purposes thereof.

  1. Rite-Hite requires vendor partners to represent and warrant that they comply with all applicable laws, rules and regulations with respect to the performance of Services.
  2. Rite-Hite maintains a zero-tolerance policy regarding forced labor, prison labor, slavery and human trafficking.
  3. Currently, we do not require direct suppliers to certify that they comply with anti-slavery and anti-trafficking laws in the countries in which they do business however; we raise awareness of this issue with our partners through our contractual requirements.
  4. Currently, we do not provide formal training for compliance team members regarding human trafficking and slavery.
  5. Currently, we do not contract the services of independent, professional, third party social-compliance monitoring firms to perform both announced and unannounced factory audits.

 Updated 7/1/15

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