Vertical Barrier Restraints

Ideal for live loading situations, Rite-Hite Vertical Barrier vehicle restraints’ 4.25” High Exclusive Barrier with Reverse Taper Design provides solid, dependable upward pressure to rear-impact guards (RIGS). Helping to prevent various trailer separation accidents, such as early departure, trailer creep and dock walk, VBRs are available in three models: ground stored, under leveler and wall mounted. All restraint types are ANSI MH30.3 standard certified.

Vertical Barrier Restraint Benefits:

  • Exclusive Barrier Design – 4.25” high barrier with reverse taper design provides the highest and widest coverage on RIGs
  • Positive Engagement Notification – Truck presence bar, which is a feature of the Ground Stored and Under Leveler models, is depressed upon positive engagement with RIG signaling safe engagement to inside dock attendants. Exclusive mag res switch will not come out of adjustment, helping ensure proper engagement communication
  • Automatic Re-fire technology – Available on automatic ground stored and under leveler models to combat if vertical barrier loses contact with RIG
  • Integrity of Installation – Completed dock survey required for each dock position to help ensure safe and proper application of all Dok-LoksCritical to the safety of material handlers and equipment utilizing the equipment, the surveys are reviewed by expert Applications team if outside of standard dock configuration.
  • Pull-Out Force BenchmarksRite-Hite was the first loading dock equipment manufacturer to establish pull-out force benchmarks based on years of research and development. Followed today by many other manufacturers, all Rite-Hite restraints are installed with mounting force in excess of 100,000 lbswhile also exceeding 32,000 lbs of pull-out force, doubling what tractors can achieve when in first gear
  • Communication and Control – Dok-Lok® Controls enhance communication between dock personnel inside the building and truck drivers outside. A dock attendant operates a NEMA 4X rated user interface which allows for full integration of additional and or future equipment. When interlocked with equipment, the controls can be programmed in safe sequential order to help ensure safety protocols and processes are followed.
  • Rite-Vu™ Hazard Recognition and ControlClear, concise communication sets the stage for safety and productivity. Incorporating lights along with audible and visual alarms can have an immediate, positive impact at the loading dock. From red and green lights which inform dock personnel when they can safely proceed with loading activities to audible and visual alarms that notify personnel when they need to vacate the drive approach, Rite-Hite offers solutions integrated into equipment or standalone for a safer, more productive facility.
  • Opti-Vu® IIoT Platform - Connecting Dok-Lok vehicle restraints, audible and visual alarms, dock doors, dock levelers and more, Opti-Vu captures current events as well as historical trends, allowing managers to analyze loading dock trends and efficiencies to help improve productivity, safety, energy consumption and asset management
  • Rite-Hite 12-Month Limited Money Back Guarantee 

VBR-600 Under Leveler Restraint

  • Allows specialty trailers & lift-gates dock access without equipment interference
  • Exclusive magnetic-resistive switch for constant engagement communication
  • Recessed design for clean stored position ideal for easy snow removal

VBR-300 Ground Stored Restraint

  • Constant contact & float with RIG during loading
  • Economic manual & automatic light package options available
  • Exclusive magnetic-resistive switch for constant engagement communication

VBR-100 Wall Mounted Restraint

  • Automatic light package to communicate trailer engagement
  • Easy to operate manual vehicle restraint that automatically positions
  • Zinc-plated for all-weather durability

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