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Dock Shock: the Impact of Whole Body Vibration

Dock Shock is the constant jolting and jarring caused by a forklift crossing over the bumps and gaps of a traditional dock leveler, resulting in exposure to whole-body vibration. Today, 21% of forklift drivers suffer from back or neck problems. A first-time back injury can cost a company as much as $10,000, with chronic back injuries adding up to $300,000 over time. (Bureau of Labor Statistics) Personnel are at greater risk of low back pain if they are exposed to Whole-Body Vibration.

What is Whole-Body Vibration?

  • Occurs from exposure/contact with a vibrating machine and the transmission of the vibration through the entire body.
  • On the loading dock, exposure occurs from operating a forklift or stand up walkie.
What is Dock Shock?

  • Jarring that occurs when a forklift crosses between the warehouse floor and trailer bed and the bumps and gaps that exist on traditional levelers.
  • Compounds the effects of Whole Body Vibration.
  • Could cause product and equipment damage.

The Rite Solution. Our extensive engineering process has made innovations like smooth transition dock levelers possible. Rite-Hite dock levelers create a smooth transition between the loading dock floor and a semi-trailer to minimize vibration and are important to reducing dock shock. Our design uses a constant-radius rear hinge that reduces the bumps and gaps at the rear of the dock leveler. Two-point crown control on the front lip hinge distributes the load evenly, providing a smooth path between your facility floor and trailer bed and extending the life of the hinge. Finally, an optimized lip chamfer improves the smoothness by approximately 20 percent. You’ll see fewer employee injuries, less product spills and damage, lower maintenance costs and higher productivity.

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