Raptor Dock Door

Durable, high-density material
Up to 10' x 12' in size
TRUE Auto Re-feed™


Operating speeds of 12" (.3048 m/sec) depending on door size.
After an accidental impact, the Raptor Pro rubber door re-feeds itself on the fly without human intervention, keeping your door closed and downtime to a minimum.
  • Durable design - A thicker curtain with an impactable design available that fits almost any opening with
    fewer costly building modifications.
  • Standard 25k cycle counterbalance spring
  • Drive System - 3 versions available: Operator Ready, Chain Hoist 5:1 or Jackshaft Operator - Micanan (includes chain hoist).
  • Curtain retention - Standard 20 psf static wind load which is equivalent up to a 115 mph wind load.
  • The loading dock is a critical access zone. Door sensors ensure that workflow remains steady. We offer radar-based motion detectors as well as laser and infrared-based sensors for automation and safety. Ask your rep about pairing a door sensor with the Raptor Dock door.

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