Collisions between forklifts and pedestrians are a common type of accident. Collisions between forklifts and doors result in high annual maintenance expenses and Rite-Hite Doors has a series of light communication products to help reduce these accidents.

  • Regulate traffic pattern with a range of communication choices.
  • Minimize the chance of collisions and reduce blind spots anywhere vision is less than ideal.
  • Visual management of door openings to reduce energy costs and cross contamination between environments.
  • Reduce door damage by displaying a clear signal to the forklift operator that a door is fully open or about to close.

Graphic User Interface Door Controls

  • Access door settings
  • Door troubleshooting
  • Simple & convenient controls

LED Countdown

  • Door status at a glance
  • LED door status display
  • Signal of door opening/closing

LED Pre-Announce

  • Door status at a glance
  • LED door status display
  • Signal of door opening/closing

LED Virtual Vision

  • Door status at a glance
  • LED door status display
  • Motion detection

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