Warehouse Door Repair & Maintenance

Whether you use roll-up doors, high speed or overhead and dock doors, the appropriate service and maintenance is essential to keeping an efficient business.

Warehouse Door Repair & Maintenance

Common Problems with Warehouse Doors and Cold Storage/Freezer Doors

Essentially, doors serve as a barrier to protect us from harm, save energy and help us separate processes for optimal productivity. When they aren’t working properly, you could face unscheduled downtime and costly shipping or production delays. There are common problems to investigate if your door is not doing its job:

  • Door won’t open
  • Door is stuck
  • Door seal is damaged
  • Unit is leaking
  • Automatic doors are non-responsive or stuck
  • Door was knocked, bumped, or damaged
  • Door is off its track
  • Door is affected by grime, buildup, or oxidation/rust
  • Frost accumulation along the edges of doors or warehouse cannot maintain proper temperatures

How To Maintain Industrial and Commercial Doors

From industrial roll-up doors, sliding doors, sectional doors and even cold storage doors, investing in a regular, scheduled maintenance program – like Rite-Hite’s Planned Maintenance Program (PMP) for industrial door maintenance – can help ensure that you avoid significant downtime at your facility. However, if your facility relies on an in-house maintenance team, here are some things to look for when your doors are in need of repair or maintenance.

  • Step 1: Check the general operation of the door for wear or damage. If your doors make any unusual noises on opening or closing, such as squeaks, clicks or a stiff, juddering motion these are sure signs that your doors need attention. This is especially true of automatic doors if they are not operating smoothly or if they are being temperamental. In addition, check for any visual signs of damage or dents. Depending on the type of door and damage, a fix can consist of replacing a door panel or part, or requiring additional mechanical or electrical attention.
  • Step 2: Test the operation of any safety devices, such as photo eyes and breakaway features, if present. In addition, all activation devices or control switches should be tested for proper functionality. Any signs of damage or delayed response can have detrimental safety implications for your facility and could indicate a fault in your doors and should be addressed right away.
  • Step 3: Clean and lubricate any tracks, sliders, rollers, pulleys, etc as required. The key to a well-operating door is to maintain those key parts. Proper lubrication protects components from corrosion, premature wear, and moisture, and will extend the lifetime of your doors.

If you are in any doubt about the condition of your industrial or roll-up doors, or require industrial or commercial door maintenance contact the experts at Rite-Hite. Rite-Hite can provide service or recommend a planned maintenance plan for your warehouse doors, any make or model. Like your business, you want your warehouse doors to be as efficient as possible while performing at the highest level. You’ve invested heavily in these doors, and as the access and entry/exit points to your warehouse, you can’t afford to leave their performance to chance.

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