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RHH-4000 Hydraulic

Ideal for conventional operations
Constant contact controls
Smooth Transition Dok System®


Unique structural engineering stands firm under extreme warehouse demands to lower repair and maintenance costs, while increasing product lifespan.

  • Formed front header (connection between deck and leveler lip) completes the four-sided rectangular box construction and includes interlocking and welded stringers to create a stronger bond, increase overall strength and help limit lifetime maintenance downtime issues.
  • Ownership costs over the lifetime of a Hydraulic dock leveler are significantly lower; compared with a mechanical leveler's maintenance costs, which are on average 6 times higher than that of a hydraulic leveler.
  • Certified to meet and exceed ANSI MH30.1 performance testing standards.

Help cut down facility costs by increasing productivity through effortless push button operation, easy clean frame, and infinite lip control, and reducing energy loss with an under-leveler seal and dock door shelter for a complete four-sided seal.

  • Push Button Operation helps increase productivity by decreasing ergonomic stress on personnel and increasing the overall ease of use.
  • Infinite Lip Control (recommended) helps reduce operating time and amplifies safety by allowing the operator to extend the lip or stop the platform at any time during leveler travel.
  • Easy Clean Frame helps reduce time spent on clean-up through easier removal of dirt and debris.
  • Biodegradable Fluid is environmentally friendly and outperforms traditional industrial-grade fluid.
  • PitMaster II™ under-leveler seal available option helps prevent energy loss, improve dock cleanliness, and increase employee comfort.
  • Maintenance Pendant Receptacle (optional) helps minimize danger and reduce waste while promoting productivity while maintaining hydraulic dock levelers. The receptacle helps with labor shortages by only requiring one technician instead of two during maintenance.
  • Weatherseals help seal gaps between the dock leveler and concrete pit wall for improved environment control and energy efficiency, with the option to install on new levelers or retrofitted to existing.

The importance of safety at the loading dock cannot be understated. From the loading / unloading process to planned maintenance, there are many places to prioritize for safety.

  • Self-Flexing Deck utilizes L-beam stringers to increase deck strength and allow the leveler deck to flex up to 4” under its own weight. This structural design helps the leveler maintain constant contact with the trailer bed at all times; even after the weight of the forklift has been removed from the deck.
  • Safe-T-Strut gives enhanced safety during maintenance with a centrally located, through-the-lip design which keeps the strut in place throughout the entire operating range of the leveler; withstanding an accidental impact of a 10,000 lb fork truck at 4 mph.

Visibility from inside the building indicates to all that maintenance is being performed and helps prevent accidental operation, keeping personnel safe during scheduled maintenance.

  • Safe-T-Lip® helps provide vacant drop off protection, while its slotted-lip design safely positions the barrier out of the way for unobstructed end-load access.
  • Non-Adjustable Velocity Fuse helps stop rapid leveler descent within 3" (76 mm) with a heavy load on the platform; providing ultimate free-fall protection.

First-time back injuries can cost a company up to $10,000, with chronic injuries reaching $300,000. Help reduce personnel injury expenses by choosing a leveler with a full Smooth Transition Dok System®.

  • Two-Point Crown Control reinforces the front hinge (between the leveler deck and lip) in two places to help remove the "speed bump" felt with traditional leveler that have increased crown reinforcement.
  • Constant Radius Rear Hinge gives a consistent 1/3" space between the warehouse floor and leveler deck; significantly reducing the gap that causes the jarring pain felt when crossing.
  • Extended Lip Chamfer comes standard with an extended length of 3" (compared with traditional leveler's 1/3") that provides a more gradual transition from lip to trailer bed floor; helping to diminish bodily impact.
  • Beam Construction includes two extra L-beams under the leveler deck which provide increased strength and superior flexibility, allowing the leveler to flex up to 4" under its own weight.
  • Up to 20-Year Money Back Warranty Based on the Dock Leveler Investment Guide.
  • 5-Year Parts and 1-Year Labor.
  • 12-Month Limited Money-Back Guarantee of Customer Satisfaction.

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