A hydraulic dock leveler equipped with Rite-Hite’s Smooth Transition Dok System® and Self-Flexing deck helps prevent injury caused by whole body vibration and damage to equipment or products. It allows the forklift driver to safely navigate uneven trailer loads, as the leveler flexes up to 4-inches under its own weight to bring it parallel with the trailer bed floor.

Choose a hydraulic dock leveler with effortless, ergonomic push button operation, easy clean frame, and a wide variety of safety features that help keep personnel, products, and equipment safer, while promoting a longer dock leveler life expectancy. 

Hydraulic Dock Leveler Benefits

  • Lower Lifetime Ownership Costs – Unique structural engineering stands firm under extreme warehouse demands to lower repair and maintenance costs, while increasing product lifespan.
  • Maximum Safety – Exclusive features help prevent rapid free-fall, vacant dock drop-off, Stump-out, threats during maintenance, and more!
  • Increased Productivity – Effortless push button operation for a wide range of solutions such as high capacity, full-width end-loading, drive-through, environmental control, and supply chain integrity.
  • Smooth Transition – Complete loading dock system designed to help reduce chronic injuries, prevent absenteeism, and eliminate damage to products and equipment.
  • Industry Leading Warranty – Rite-Hite offers a variety of warranties that are based on your specific equipment and facility needs.

RHH-4000 Hydraulic

  • Ideal for conventional operations
  • Constant contact controls
  • Smooth Transition Dok System®

RHH-5000 High Capacity Hydraulic

  • Ideal for heavy loads
  • Available drop-off protection
  • Smooth Transition Dok System®

RHJ-5000 Jumbo

  • Ideal for full-width access
  • Available drop-off protection
  • Smooth Transition Dok System®

HDRCR Hydraulic Railcar Ramp

  • Ideal for rail access facilities
  • Adaptable lip for easy leveler placement
  • Secure end-loading

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