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Industrial Safety Fencing

RoboGuard industrial safety fencing features eight-gauge welded wire steel panels with a durable powder coated finish (galvanized-uncoated finish upon request) coupled with 2" tubular posts with multiple door configurations to form RIA, OSHA, ANSI, NAAMS, EN953 and Canadian CSA compliant enclosures for industrial robotics and general machine guarding.

RoboGuard wire mesh machine guard can be cut in the field to accommodate changes in dimensions, floor or wall irregularities, pipe/cable cutouts and conveyor or lift systems. Because RoboGuard safety fencing for machinery uses modular components, they're simple to specify, order and install. An entire enclosure can be quickly constructed, knocked-down and reconfigured without modification. RoboGuard industrial safety fencing can be combined with Rite-Hite Machine Guarding's Saf-T-Vu fabric to protect against hazardous weld flash/spark/smoke and flying debris associated with robotic welding. Applications for this low-cost safety solution include general machine perimeter guarding, wire mesh perimeter guards for welding areas, welded wire enclosures on the plant floor, wire mesh partitions for storage, robot safety fencing, welded wire mesh enclosures and conveyor perimeter guarding. Wire mesh guarding panels are bolted together and can be trimmed on-site, making the system easy to install, and they can be retrofitted without complete re-installation.

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