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Energy & Safety Assessments

Rite-Hite’s exclusive Representative Network, can perform customized energy-loss and safety assessments throughout your facility to help justify your investments.

Using ASHRAE methods for measuring air infiltration and wind speed, and national weather data specific to your location, our exclusive, engineered assessment tools use your facility’s specific variables to calculate potential cost savings.

Loading Dock Safety Assessments and Recommendations

Your loading dock is the central hub of your operations. With more and more companies going to "just-in-time" manufacturing, it’s essential to the profitability of your operations that your loading dock is up and running at peak performance. A business simply cannot afford to hinder operations due to poorly operating equipment, particularly during critical times of the day, month, or year.

Loading Dock Energy Savings Analysis

Based on information about your specific dock door openings and trailer traffic, Rite-Hite representatives can demonstrate precisely how much energy is escaping at every dock opening, the associated energy costs and how much you can save by installing various dock seals and enclosures.

Doors Analysis Program

See how you can save tens of thousands of dollars each year by boosting the energy efficiency of your door openings.

Revolution® Fan ROI Analysis Calculator

Discover how you may be able to recoup hundreds of dollars every year on your heating and cooling costs. Typical payback is 6 to 24 months.

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