Stabilizing Vehicle & Trailer Restraints

The STR-4200 Dok-Lok Vehicle Restraint, part of the Smooth Transition Dok System, helps prevent vertical and horizontal trailer movement. By securely engaging the trailer's rear impact guard and stabilizing the rear of the truck or trailer, the STR-4200 offers the ultimate level of safety.

STR-4200 Features and Benefits

  • Exclusive hook design
    • Greatest reach creating a two-point entrapment on RIG
    • Anti-rotation design adds an additional layer of safety by securing intermodal containers or trailers with rear impact guard obstructions
    • Automatic re-fire if hook is not properly engaged
    Trailer Stabilization
    • Hydraulic cylinders stabilize air-ride suspension trailers to help address horizontal and vertical movement during loading/unloading
    • Smooth Transition design minimizes jolts to forklift operators reducing the occurrence of back related injuries
    • Minimizes product damage and wear and tear on other dock equipment components
    Withstands the elements
    • Corrosion resistant finish. Mounted above ground away from dirt, debris, snow, ice, and standing water
  • Designed for impact
    • Automatically positioned by the trailer
    Full-time communication
    Opti-Vu® Platform for Data-Driven Decision Making
    Industry-Leading Warranty
    • Opti-Vu Extended Warranty in Standard and includes 5 year parts/labor, Opti-Vu radio, coded horn override, security system interface & self-diagnostics.

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Opti-Vu Capable
Opti-Vu Capable

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