Complete the job by sealing the fourth side with an under-leveler seal from Rite-Hite. Sealing the gaps below and around the dock leveler reduces energy loss, promotes improved sanitation and industrial hygiene, and helps ensure inspections are passed.

PitMaster II

  • Pit style application
  • Maintain pit cleanliness and keep contamination, dust, debris out
  • Reduce energy loss in two different ways; physical and thermal barriers

PitMaster V

  • Maintain pit cleanliness
  • Seals gaps at the dock face & pit floor
  • Vertical leveler application

PitMaster X

  • Maintain pit cleanliness
  • Reduce contamination
  • Restricted mounting & challenging applications


  • Maintain pit cleanliness
  • Reduce contamination
  • Vertical leveler application

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Reduce Energy Costs with the New PitMaster™ II

Look below your docks to discover big rewards!

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