PitMaster X

Maintain pit cleanliness
Reduce contamination
Restricted mounting & challenging applications


  • Promote facility cleanliness - Helps prevent dust, pests, debris and refuse from collecting in leveler pits or entering facility through open gaps.
  • Reduce heat and energy loss – The front of a typical dock leveler pit is fully open to the environment outside the building. PitMaster X minimizes airflow through openings in the leveler pit. An insulating "dead-air" cavity results, reducing transfer of heat into or out of your facility through the steel leveler deck.
  • Seal air gaps and daylight – Rite-Hite's optional Lip Corner Seals, Filler Pads and Lip Hinge Seals install easily on the PitMaster X. These sealing components require no regular maintenance and are easy to replace if needed.
  • 12-month limited money-back guarantee – Built to Rite-Hite's high standards for quality and performance, all PitMaster Under-leveler Seals are backed by a limited 12-month, money-back guarantee of customer satisfaction.
  • 12-month Parts and Labor Warranty

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