RHE-300 Edge-O-Dock Mechanical

Alternative to labor intensive dock plates
High strength low-alloy steel construction
Limited distance & force required to activate lip


Mechanical Edge of Dock levelers are constructed with high strength low-alloy steel for increased durability. Compared with traditional EOD offerings, Rite-Hite's Edge-O-Dock leveler operation offers a more ergonomic upright position, which allows for easy leveler activation without having to bend far over the front of the leveler.

  • Operational Linkage ergonomically positions the Leveler Operation Handle in a more upright position, protecting personnel by eliminating the need to lean outside the loading dock door to reach or bend far backwards to operate. The hinge’s construction requires the handle to be pulled back a shorter distance (compared with competitor offerings) to activate the lip.
  • Easy Upgrade from Mechanical to Hydraulic Edge-O-Dock Leveler. All mechanical units come ready for hydraulic conversion.
  • Lip Latch locks into place when the operator pulls the handle backwards, allowing the lip to extend as the handle is brought forward for steady lip placement.
  • Spring Assembly assists in making the manual process smoother by taking some of the pressure off the operator when positioning the lip into the bed of the trailer.

RHE-300 Mechanical Edge-O-Dock levelers are a budget-friendly solution for facilities with little variety in the vehicles serviced. Installed on the face of the loading dock, an edge of dock leveler does not require a pit, which keeps installation scope and cost to a minimum. The absence of a pit also makes cleaning up quick and easy.

  • No Pit Necessary with a mechanical edge of dock leveler, which helps decrease installation time, lower the threat of cargo theft, and prevent pest and contaminant infiltration.
  • Grease Fittings help improve leveler operation while reducing maintenance needs and cost.
  • Operating Handle doubles as a functioning maintenance strut for enhanced personnel protection during maintenance, while eliminating additional equipment purchases.

Rite-Hite warranties are backed by a vast network of representatives and exclusive leading planned maintenance programs, helping to ensure that products perform to their full potential.

  • 12-Month Limited Money-Back Guarantee of Customer Satisfaction
  • 1-Year Parts & Labor
  • 90-Days Molded Bumper Warranty

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