RainGuard® RG-3000 Header Seal

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RainGuard® RG-3000 Header Seal

The RainGuard RG-3000 rain diverting header seal provides an expanded coverage range, greater durability, and better sealing against water on your docks than any other water seal system available.


  • Protect product from damage or contamination.
  • Eliminate wet, slippery conditions on the dock.
  • Increase employee comfort and productivity.
  • Weighted, cylindrical sealing member provides consistent, uniform pressure across full width of trailer top, diverting water off sides.
  • 15" (381mm) coverage range seals trailers 12'3" (3735mm) - 13'6" (4115mm) off grade.
  • Rugged Neotec™ front plates take thousands of impacts.
  • Flexible, articulating front sweep action allows sealing of taller trailers without damage.
  • Exclusive pivoting canopy header helps prevent frame and seal damage if trailers come in higher than expected.
  • Easy to install and no required maintenance.
  • Retrofits virtually any existing seal or shelter.
  • Trial units available.
  • 36-month money-back customer satisfaction guarantee.


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