How To Buy Rite-Hite Products

In order to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction possible, all Rite-Hite products and services are sold exclusively through the Rite-Hite Global Distribution Network. Rite-Hite works hand-in-hand with our distributor partners around the world, to provide world-class customer service and expertise at the local and global level. The network is comprised of both independently owned representatives and a wholly owned subsidiary of Rite-Hite – Arbon Equipment Corporation.

Cooperation Across the Network: Working Together – Globally and Locally

Rite-Hite's relationship with our Distribution Network is special and we are proud of our relationship-based approach to fulfilling customer needs. We offer our product exclusively to representatives that share our philosophy toward fostering long-term customer relationships. Consistent quality of product and service, regardless of location, is a critical issue for anyone engaging professional advice across state and international borders. Through Rite-Hite's Global Distribution Network and our long-lasting partner relationships, customers can expect knowledgeable, experienced professional advice – anywhere in the world. This is all because of our strong and devoted network of distribution partners.

Product and Industry Expertise

Rite-Hite representatives leverage their in-depth knowledge of current trends, challenges, and opportunities with a focus on identifying and understanding customer needs, expectations, and goals. They can recommend appropriate product solutions, and provide professional service and expertise to meet the ever-changing needs of their local customers – at the loading dock, and inside the facility.

Factory-Trained Installation and Service Personnel

Rite-Hite products are designed to provide safety, security and productivity solutions based on each customer's unique application requirements. Our factory-trained technical installation and service personnel can evaluate your specific application and equipment while confidently recommending and performing the necessary service to help keep equipment operating as needed.

You can be assured that your local Rite-Hite Representative will help identify your specific needs, recommend appropriate solutions, and professionally install and maintain your Rite-Hite products throughout their lifetime.

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