Episode 30: Why a Smooth Transition Dock Leveler is Critical at the Loading Dock

Interested in learning more about your industry’s latest trends and innovations? Tune into Episode 30 of Rite-Hite’s podcast series, Rite From the Source.

In this episode, podcast veteran, Chad Dillavou, explains the technology behind a Smooth Transition Dok System®, how it helps prevent product and equipment damage, and more importantly, how it can help reduce chronic injuries for forklift drivers caused by “bumps” or vibrations from repeated crossings across the loading dock.

In this episode, you will learn about:

  • Four negative consequences of whole body vibration or "dock shock."
  • The benefits of smooth transition technology and how it impacts the eight loading dock transition points.
  • How the aging workforce, vehicle restraints and other factors play into the smooth transition narrative.

Want to read more about Smooth Transition at the loading dock? Check out our interactive guide today!


Rite from the Source Podcast  Rite from the Source Podcast   


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