Budget-Friendly Vehicle Restraints Provide Dependable Solution for Live Loading

When facilities receive trailers to ship or receive goods, there are two common loading options.

  1. Drop or Drop and Hook – Carrier drops trailer off to be loaded or unloaded. If Drop and Hook load, the carrier picks up a different trailer.
  2. Live Loads – Cab of trailer is connected to the trailer while delivered goods are unloaded or empty trailer is loaded.

Regardless of loading style, all Dok-Lok vehicle restraints help prevent costly trailer separation accidents such as trailer creep and dock walk as well as early departure during loading. In the case of dropped loads, a trailer stand can assist in helping prevent landing gear collapse and trailer upending. If facilities live load 100% of the time and have budget constraints, Vertical Barrier Restraints are the ideal application.

Trailer Separation Accidents

Budget-Friendly Vertical Barrier Restraints

Designed for live loading situations, Rite-Hite Vertical Barrier Restraints (VBR) provide solid, dependable upward pressure to rear-impact guards (RIGS). Because the cab of the trailer is connected to the load, the “wrap and hook” design of Rotating Hook Restraints is not necessary as the connected fifth wheel of the truck to trailer helps prevent vertical movement along with the VBR. The exclusive 4.25” high barrier with reverse taper design provides the highest and widest coverage on rear-impact guards (RIGs). ANSI MH30.3 standard certified, the vertical barrier restraint is available in three models acceptable for any live loading application: Ground Stored, Under Leveler and Wall Mounted.

VBR-300 Ground Stored

Designed to secure a trailer to the loading dock by engaging the RIG with a ground stored barrier, the VBR-300 offers:

  • Constant contact and float with RIG during loading and unloading
  • Exclusive magnetic-resistive switch for constant RIG engagement communication
  • Automatic Re-fire technology in event of lost contact with RIG
  • Manual and Automatic Light Package (ALP) options to accommodate various budgets

VBR-600 Under Leveler

Designed to secure a trailer to the loading dock by engaging the RIG with a restraint system that is recessed under the leveler, providing a clean dock face when in the stored position, the VBR-600 offers:

  • Recessed design when in stored position for ease of snow removal while also allowing specialty trailers and liftgates dock access without loading dock equipment interference
  • Front seal brush to help prevent debris from entering and accumulating in restraint pit
  • Automatic re-fire technology in event of lost contact with RIG
  • Exclusive magnetic-resistive switch for constant RIG engagement communication
  • Single power unit for combined operation of restraint and hydraulic leveler

VBR-100 Wall Mounted

Designed to secure a trailer to the loading dock by engaging the RIG with a sold, wall-mounted steel barrier, the VBR-100 offers:

  • Easy to operate manual vehicle restraint that automatically positions when spring-loaded structural steel housing is contacted by backing truck
  • Engagement range extending from 12” to 30” above ground
  • Automatic Light Package (ALP) option to communicate trailer engagement
  • Zinc-plated for all-weather durability and mounted above ground away from dirt, debris, snow, ice and standing water

Help Increase Loading Efficiencies with Smart Vehicle Restraints

Aside from helping keep employees safe during loading, Rite-Hite vehicle restraints have the capability to deliver insights about loading dock productivity and performance to any connected device via our Smart Data & Analytics Platform. Smart equipment empowers facility managers to make data-driven decisions, such as identifying average load time, equipment faults, trending safety alerts and more!

Smart Data & Analytics Loading Dock Productivity Module

  • Monitor real-time loading dock status. Optional Dok-Lok Dock Timer digitally displays total engagement time at each position to help dock attendants prioritize loads and avoid costly detention and demurrage charges.
  • Leverage loading dock analytics with current and historical Dok-Lok efficiency and utilization data to identify areas of operational improvement through robust reporting and intuitive dashboards.
  • Receive trending productivity alerts and review correct actions / next steps.

Smart Data & Analytics Loading Dock Safety Module

  • Study and understand safety challenges, frequency trends and root cause with diagnostic analytics to proactively influence employee behavior.
  • Interactive Safety Assessment Tool helps place priority on specific safety events.

Vertical Barrier Restraints for Live Loading

Expertly redesigned in 2001 for the live loading environment, Rite-Hite Vertical Barrier Restraints will help keep docks safe from trailer separation accidents and loads secure with the help of constant RIG status communication for interior workers and idle truck drivers, exclusive reverse taper barrier design and an industry-leading warranty. With Smart Data & Analytics, the restraint is optimized into a solution that not only works for your loading dock needs but offers efficiency insights to improve overall loading dock productivity.

Find Your Ideal Live Loading Solution

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