How Dock and Yard Management Software Synchronizes Your Logistics Communications

Increased order volume can happen at any time, especially for large warehouses or growing businesses. Is your loading dock ready to handle larger distribution centers, booming e-commerce trends, consumer demand and just-in-time manufacturing? It’s a fast-paced environment where loads are reportedly increasing 8% every year-- paper processes and manual processes just aren’t keeping up anymore. 

If you have ever thought about improving communication throughout your operation, Loading Dock Management software could be right for you! Keep reading to learn more!

Why should your warehouse go paperless?

More than a few bottlenecks can be attributed to physical yard checks, clipboards and spreadsheets at the loading dock. Keeping schedules and customer notes on paper can lead to a few problems:

  • Information is hard to keep updated and plans can change after print
  • Only one person can access key information at a time
  • Radio chatter all day, across different channels, makes it difficult to communicate effectively
  • It's difficult to prevent double-booking appointments when information is coming from so many different directions
  • Managers need to relay information and create reports for higher-ups -- which takes away time from their tasks

These issues add up into lost dollars and cents. Delayed and rescheduled appointments lead to detention and demurrage fees and your reputation as a shipper of choice could be compromised.

Customers report that when they got rid of the clipboards and shifted into a paperless warehouse with full dock management software implementation, they reduced detention charges by 73% year-over-year. They are also actualizing increased truckloads, one study reporting an increase of 8-10%.

What does better logistics communication look like?

It’s easier than you think to become a paperless warehouse and eliminate that noise and radio chatter. Dock management software and new logistics communication tools are more approachable than they’ve ever been -- they are more common, more compatible with new and existing equipment, and overall more cost effective these days. 

Dock Management software can help:

  • Consolidate your team's spreadsheets into one platform where everyone can log in at the same time and seamlessly enter information without duplicates or getting "locked from editing"
  • Streamline communications so your team doesn't need to rely on clipboards and radio chatter
  • Carriers with self check-in, text alerts and load/unload status updates
  • Manage appointments, monitor dwell times and helps keep your dock fully utilized for high-performing volume and traffic
  • Run daily reports in seconds
  • Help your team connect through a single platform, from managers and material handlers to yard personnel and carriers

How to get the most out of our Dock and Yard Management Software 

Rite-Hite's Loading Dock Management Software offers real-time visibility of every dock and every trailer, whenever you need it. Taking it a step further with Rite-Hite's® Dock Communication Software, creates a real-time text messaging system for driver check-in. Logistics managers can share instructions and dock assignments, view the check-in and check-out queue and review the full dashboard of assigned/unassigned trailers from their desk -- not the dock. 

It’s also possible to expand your equipment’s connections beyond the loading dock and into the warehouse. Smart Data & Analytics works independently or in conjunction with our dock management software to offer a complete view of your logistics. The software solution empowers your team through: 

  • Intuitive dashboards that show available and assigned dock positions
  • Available sensors that interlock Rite-Hite equipment to follow a sequence of operations and track steps in the loading/unloading process
  • Alerts and real-time notifications to help your team manage trailer in/out times
  • Reports and insights that help your company better track dwell times and avoid detention and demurrage charges

Are dock and yard management systems and communication upgrades worth it?

Better communication at the loading dock helps improve efficiency and safety while delivering positive returns to any warehouse, manufacturer or industrial facility's bottom line. 

  • Better data and better communication led to 50% less time spent training employees
  • Less time spent managing the docks in person frees up time for logistics managers and supervisors to focus on more important tasks
  • Fewer detention charges
  • Trucks get in and out faster, creating higher likelihood of maintaining shipper of choice status
  • Quick and easy appointment and check-in process for drivers
  • Better data is creating new opportunities for team efficiencies
  • When there is forklift activity inside a trailer 

Loading dock and yard management software is the first step towards a paperless warehouse-- saving you time and money. Real-time visibility of every dock and every trailer is a powerful tool that you can implement today.

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