How Technology Can Help You Become The Shipper of Choice

Is your warehouse loading dock and yard an asset, or are you struggling with poor visibility and chaos in your logistics operations? Your answer may have a huge impact on how you are positioned in the eyes of your carriers. Can you achieve shipper of choice status?

While it may not matter to all, shipper of choice status and the FreightWaves Shipper of Choice seal of approval are achievements your competitors may be after. The duty of the “preferred shipper” is to make the driver’s job easier and more efficient, in turn creating better workflow for all parties. Having a paperless, single source of truth as it relates to visibility over trailers – carriers – and other assets makes all the difference.



Your Loading Dock and Yard Management System Should Deliver Fewer Redundancies, Elimination of Waste, and Cost Savings

Beyond the tangible products found in today’s loading dock, historically the loading dock and yard are not areas that have received the technological advancements and attention they deserve. And for many, it can be challenging to justify the cost of a standalone system when things seem to be rolling along smoothly-enough. The potential ROI for a loading dock and yard management system (YMS) is highly dependent upon how the following mix is delivered: Fewer Redundancies, Elimination of Waste, and Cost Savings. Many of these metrics can be fine-tuned and improved upon over time with Dock Management Software.

One option is a single loading dock management system that can yield significant cost savings and ease of integration while offering an updated, competitive edge. It’s easier to research and implement one system change rather than two or three new management systems separately.

It makes a lot of sense… there is so much crossover communication between warehouse, logistics and yard operation teams. If you could, why wouldn’t you adopt an intuitive loading dock dashboard that gives your entire team access to the real-time info they need to get the job done?


Benefits Provided by Dock Management Software:


  • Easily view the status of each dock position at-a-glance (logistics)
  • Improved communication (logistics)
  • User-friendly software (logistics)
  • Improve time management (logistics)
  • Manage appointments (supervisor)
  • Boost employee morale (supervisor)
  • Leverage data-driven decisions (supervisor)



  • Reduced radio noise and paper files (logistics)
  • Carrier self check-in and text alerts can reduce long lines and wait times helping to keep driver hours of service in check (carrier)
  • Improve communication (supervisor)
  • Help keep docks fully utilized (supervisor)
  • Minimize detention and demurrage (supervisor)



  • Manage several appointments at once (logistics)
  • Improve time management (logistics)
  • Maintain and improve business relationships (carrier)
  • Manage appointments, monitor dwell times and help keep docks fully utilized (supervisor)
  • Minimize detention and demurrage (supervisor)
  • Change management initiatives and new employee training are intuitive and user-friendly (supervisor)
  • Leverage data-driven decisions (supervisor)


Visibility and technology like the Dock Management Software helps to synchronize your loading dock and yard communication in real-time across approved devices. See what you’re missing and turn your loading dock and yard into a valuable asset.

"See What You're Missing"

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