How To Use Logistics SMS To Help Improve Loading Dock Communication

It can be difficult to keep things moving efficiently within a logistics chain. How do you help prevent confusion for logistics personnel and increase efficiency across the board? 

By implementing a logistics SMS text messaging tool, like Rite-Hite's® Dok-Chat® Software, you can help streamline the effectiveness of your logistics communication, personnel, and check-in processes throughout the supply chain. 

Logistics Text Messaging Tool That Prioritizes Social Distancing

Dok-Chat was created during the height of COVID-19, when the need for social distancing regulations became increasingly evident. The software eliminates the need to leave the truck cab or office to interact and complete tasks, as carriers and docks can be managed all at once from a synchronized dashboard. This real-time, contactless communication mitigates the need for drivers to leave their cab, which in the past placed boots on the ground in the dangerous busy drive approach and yard. Less processes outside of the facility helps keep the facility clean and safe while maintaining productivity.  

Cut the Radio Noise at the Dock Door Between Carriers and Logistics Personnel

Using our logistics SMS, carriers can opt-in through any type of cell phone and receive text communication from the shipping and receiving office. The logistics communication system allows personnel to communicate directly with the carrier's phone through the ease of a cloud-based server, without the need to share a personal phone number.

Use Dok-Chat for two-way text messaging that simplifies:

  • Carrier check-in
  • Loading dock assignment
  • Dock door management
  • Driver instructions
  • Load status
  • Dwell time/ Chat session controls

Improved Trailer Load Times

Dok-Vu® is Rite-Hite's dock and yard management software, which offers full visibility into the loading dock and yard, helping to streamline manual and paper-based processes. While Dok-Vu offers some text messaging capabilities, by integrating Dok-Chat into Dok-Vu, logistics personnel now have two-way, personal interaction with the carriers to communicate dock assignment and load instructions. 

Complete Dock & Yard Clarity

Opti-Vu® is Rite-Hite's IIoT Platform that collects data from Rite-Hite equipment to identify inefficiencies and areas of improvement around the loading dock. Users not only see each dock at an in-depth view and data collected on each dock, but they can now use Dok-Chat to communicate with the drivers which gives them added information for each dwell time. 

Are You Ready to Optimize Your Logistics?

Dok-Chat offers a contactless and easy-to-use logistics communication system. If you are interested in streamlining your dock logistics, sign up to use it today with the link below!

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