Applications for HVLS Fans Beyond the Warehouse: Amphitheaters

HVLS Fans for Amphitheaters

There’s nothing quite like taking in a concert at an outdoor amphitheater or auditorium on a summer day. It’s the perfect combination of entertainment, fresh air and spending time with friends. As great as it can be, this style of venue leaves its visitors at the mercy of the elements -– including heat and humidity.

Consider the tremendous amount of heat created by a few thousand concert-goers when just one stationary person can emit roughly the same amount of heat as a single 100-watt light bulb. Combine that body heat with stagnant summer air and suddenly your patrons could become too uncomfortable to enjoy the show. 

One Person = 100 Watts

Controlling the heat load at amphitheaters should be a priority. This will help your guests to be more comfortable which means they are more apt to stay longer, will spend more money, and are more-likely to return for future events. Industrial outdoor ceiling fans can be your solution to increasing tour season profitability and advancing your reputation with patrons and acts alike. 

How it Works

High-volume low-speed (HVLS) ceiling fans, like Rite-Hite’s four-blade Revolution Fan, are ideal for large areas like outdoor theaters and amphitheaters.

The Revolution Fan’s effectiveness is all in the design. With blades ranging from 8’ to 24’ in diameter, you’ll be able to cool an area up to 22,000 sq. ft. with 85’ of coverage from the center of the fan in all directions.

With proper placement and execution, the airflow creates a cooling, wind-chill effect, lowering the effective temperature by up to 10°F in its coverage area – definitely a key factor in keeping patrons comfortable when temperatures soar. To reap all of the benefits HVLS ceiling fans can provide, fan placement needs to be carefully planned by an expert in the field.

Where to Start

To ensure the most efficient and effective results from your outdoor HVLS fans, we recommend contacting a Rite-Hite representative who will professionally assess your venue. Based on factors like cooling area, potential obstructions, mounting heights, and a variety of other factors, our trained experts will then recommend the most appropriate fans and fan placement for you.

A seemingly unconventional pairing, the application of fans for outdoor amphitheaters can be your solution to keep patrons cool in the stands during the hot and humid summer months. 

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