Maximize the Integrity of Your Supply Chain

The Drive-Thru Strategy

  1. Optimize Safety & Productivity
    Reduce the risk for trailer separation accidents and damage to capital investments. Interlock the operation of your loading dock equipment to help ensure each stage of the loading and unloading process is executed in a well-planned, purposeful sequence.
  2. Uphold Product Quality & Company Reputation
    Eliminate the practice of opening trailer doors in the drive approach to maintain or improve environmental integrity at the loading dock. This gives you greater control over goods and processes - which means less spoilage, contamination, and theft.

The Sequence of Operations

  1. As the truck backs into position the outside perimeter of the trailer is sealed with an Eclipse® or Comboshelter™.
  2. Establish a secure connection between the trailer and dock position when a Dok-Lok® Vehicle Restraint is engaged.
  3. Maintain cargo integrity and environmental control by raising the Dock Door, breaking the security seal, and opening the trailer doors all from inside your facility. The Safe-T-Pit™ sensor helps protect your personnel as they complete these tasks from the pit floor.
  4. Implement a Smooth Transition Dok System® to help reduce Dock Shock from the warehouse floor to the trailer bed, and establish a 4-sided seal with a Vertical Dock Leveler.
  5. When loading and unloading is complete the sequence of operations happens in reverse.

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