6 Benefits of Using Curtain Walls vs Rigid Panel Walls

Discover six benefits of using fabric curtain walls instead of rigid panel walls.

6 Benefits of Using Curtain Walls vs Rigid Panel Walls

Every product has competition. Curtain walls' competitor is the rigid panel wall. In this blog post, we will look at six benefits of using curtain walls over rigid panel walls.

1) No curbing is required, resulting in NO loss of facility footprint, cubic storage space, or racked slot spaces
Vinyl curtain walls are hung from the deck instead of supported from the floor. They are designed to be impacted so they do not require any curbing. The result is a wall that consumes only 1.5" to 3" of space compared to a rigid wall that can be 5" to 6" thick plus requires 8" thick curbing on each side totaling 21" of lost space for the entire length of the wall.

2) Curtain walls do NOT require a facility shutdown for installation
Industrial curtain walls are not affected by temperature so they can be installed in coolers and freezers without them needing to be warmed beforehand, which means no shutdown is necessary.

3) Curtain walls can be installed in the racking flue space often without removing the racking
Soft wall partitions can be installed in tight spaces as they can be folded, rolled, and fed from the deck down or the floor up into location without the heavy equipment and space required with rigid panel walls.

4) Minimal equipment is required for installation
Flexible curtain wall installation requires 2" angle to be secured at the deck. Then curtain wall panels are secured to angle with tech screws and fender washers.

5) Curtain walls can be impacted by pallets and fork lifts
Curtain wall panels are connected together every 5' from top to bottom with a heavy duty hook and loop fasteners that are designed to separate when impacted. When the pressure is relieved, the panels will fasten back together.

6) Curtain walls can be moved, reconfigured, and reused as facility needs change
Soft walls can be modified in the field to fit different locations. This allows for relocating and reusing curtains to fit facility needs.

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