Are You Wasting Money at the Loading Dock?

The loading dock is a vital piece of equipment to most businesses and best practices in safety and maintenance are crucial when it comes to efficient operation. Take proactive steps to make sure you aren't wasting money at your loading dock.

Are You Wasting Money at the Loading Dock?

There was a time when many manufacturers and distributors treated their loading docks as an afterthought. Dock safety programs consisted of little more than painting the edges to improve visibility, and the identification of energy loss wasn’t even on the radar. But today, more and more businesses are seeing the business value of addressing cost centers, like gaps and cracks that lead to wasted energy, poor preventive maintenance practices and the lack of safety components that can result in the most serious of consequences – employee injury or death.

IEN sat down with Gerry Timms, Vice President/General Manager for Arbon Equipment Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Rite-Hite. Arbon distributes, installs and maintains Rite Hite equipment – everything from dock doors, levelers, guards and more – and Timms offered his opinions on the challenges facing loading docks, and how the latest products are being engineered to address them.

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